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Monday, 16 October 2023 18:33
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Please refer below for more information on the admission criteria for students holding the Vietnam High School qualification for 2024 admission (for sharing with your students applying to NTU):

We have only one term for undergraduates beginning in end July/early August.

To apply to NTU, you must be in the final year of your high school or already completed your high school.

The application period for 2024 admission will re-open on 15 October 2023 (the application will be open from 15 October 2023 until 20 January 2024).

Please do refer here ( in the section on International Qualifications/Admission Requirements (Vietnam High School Graduation Certificate).

For more information on the admission criteria and application procedure, please refer here:

For students holding the Vietnam High School qualification, there is no Entrance Exam.

The minimum requirement to apply is:

Good passes in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in your Grade 12 high school examination

Current Grade 12 students with good passes in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their Year 10 and 11 examinations may apply with your Grade 10 and Grade 11 high school results. 


Satisfy one of the following English language requirements:

  • ·         IELTS/IELTS Indicator – an overall score of at least 6.0.
  • ·         TOEFL/TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition – a score of at least 90 (internet-based) or 600 (paper-based).
  • ·         SAT– An overall score of at least 1900 (SAT taken before March 2016) or at least a score of 1250 (Redesigned SAT from March 2016, Essay not required).
  • ·         PTE Academic – a score of at least 55.
  • ·         ACT with Writing - a minimum Composite score of at least 30.
  • ·         C1 Advanced (formerly known as Cambridge English Advanced (CAE))

The English language requirements for competitive programmes including double degree, double major and second major programmes and non-Science, non-Engineering programmes will be much stricter than the above mentioned.

Please note that you should submit a valid English Proficiency result (from one of the options listed above) in order for your application to be considered. If you do not submit a valid English Proficiency result, we will not be able to consider your application for admission to NTU.

If you have taken at least 3 GCE Advanced Level subjects within 12 months in not more than 2 sittings, either from the same or different examination boards (Cambridge, Edexcel, OCR, AQA), you may submit the results for consideration. 

Medallists (Gold, Silver or Bronze) of International Science Olympiads Competitions in Biology (IBO), Chemistry (IChO), Physics (IPhO), Mathematics (IMO), Informatics (IOI), Astronomy (IAO) and Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) will be considered for admission more favourably to programmes related to their field of achievement. Admission to programmes not closely related to the field of achievement will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Interview may be conducted before the decision of admissions is made.

An Admissions Interview is required for the final admissions decision.

Only invited candidates will receive details of the admissions interview.  For applicants not invited for the admissions interview, it will mean that their application is unsuccessful and will not be considered further.

For a full list of programmes offered in NTU and their minimum subject requirements please browse through the following link:

Please do note that meeting the minimum subject requirements does not guarantee admission to NTU’s programmes.

The admission point varies from year to year and between different programmes.
Do note that meeting the minimum requirements to apply does not guarantee admission to any of the programmes in NTU.

For more information on the Schools at NTU, please refer here:

Tuition Fees (per year)-Singapore Dollars:

For reference, please refer here for the Tuition Fee amount for 2023:

For 2024, the tuition fee amount will be released around March/April 2024. 

There are two fee options (you will have to apply to NTU either on Subsidised Tuition Fees or on Non-Subsidised Tuition Fees):

The Subsidised Tuition fee (with tuition grant) is lower because the Singapore Ministry of Education provides a Tuition Grant that subsidises the fee. If you choose this option, in return, students will have to work for a Singapore-registered company for 3 years upon graduation. Students will need to find employment themselves. The University has a Career & Attachment Office (CAO) that assists and guides students with their future career from year one itself. Students opting for Subsidised Tuition Fees are eligible to apply for Scholarships or loans.

The Non-Subsidised Tuition fee (Full Fees/without tuition grant) option is bond-free but the option cannot be changed after applicant has been offered admission.
Students opting for Non-Subsidised Tuition Fee are not eligible to apply for Scholarships or loans.

Estimated Living Expenses (Monthly)-in SGD:

Accommodation (On-campus)                   S$319 - S$685*
Meals                                                              S$300 - S$400
Transport, Books & Personal Expenses    S$320- S$540
Total                                                               S$939-$1625

*The estimated cost of accommodation is based on the rate of a single room or twin-sharing room

Please do note that living costs varies from person to person, pending on his/her lifestyle here.

Scholarships & Loans:

Students who are admitted under Subsidised Tuition Fees can also apply for the Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) and the NTU Study Loan (NTUSL) to further defray their tuition fees and other expenses:

Scholarships are merit based and only the very top students among those admitted will be selected for scholarship interviews. Applicants may submit their scholarship application after they have completed their application for admission (separate application, same application period as admission application).

Details on scholarships are available at this website:

Scholarships and loans are only available to applicants who have opted for Subsidised Tuition Fees.  

Admission is by merit and very keen competition.
Admission is highly competitive, especially for International Students, due to limited places available.
Scholarships are also limited, especially for International Students.
As such, if you were to apply to NTU, we would also advise that you keep your University options open by also applying to other Universities as well.