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We support academically outstanding students with more than 20 kinds of scholarships. Scholarships can be combined and 100% of our international students receive some form of scholarship. The minimum scholarship is a brand new MacBook Air, we also have International Baccalaureate (IB) specific scholarships!


Tuition Payment


The 4-Year total tuition is 4,831,500 JPY (~$45,000 USD).

Tuition is paid in two instalments per year (Spring/Autumn). Around $8,000 USD is required to secure your place on the program 6 weeks after receiving the acceptance letter.

Housing & Living Costs


We guarantee private furnished dormitories for all 4-years of study.

The average rent per month is 30,000 JPY ($290 USD), with personal monthly expenses averaging 50,000 JPY ($500 USD) which is 20-30% cheaper than cities such as Tokyo or Osaka.



Admission Scholarships

Academically outstanding students will be divided into one of three categories for a scholarship for tuition discount (300,000 ・600,000・900,000 JPY), guaranteed for 2 years and available for all 4 years. Those that score 32/42 points or higher on IB are guaranteed the 300,000 JPY yearly discount.


Housing Scholarships

We offer housing scholarships for our dormitories available for all 4-years. Scholarships are 10,000 JPY ($100 USD) discount every month from the rent.


Study Abroad Scholarships

We have more than 100 partner schools around the world where students can spend up to two years studying and are exempt from paying extra tuition at the host institution and we pay for the return airfare.


JASSO Scholarships

JASSO provides scholarships to non-Japanese students applying from overseas that can obtain a "student" visa. 48,000 JPY ($450 USD) every month for 6 or 12 months.




Students have the option to work while studying (28 hours per week・40 hours per week in long term breaks). Usually, students find work in service industry such as convenience stores, restaurants, cafés, hotels, or in marketing, teaching etc with the average wage 900 JPY ($8 USD) per hour.