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Thứ hai, 04 Tháng 9 2023 20:11

From July 3 to 7, 2023, a delegation consisting of nine students and one faculty member (total of 10 participants) from the HUS High School for Gifted Students, Vietnam National University (HSGS) visited the Graduate School of Science, Osaka University under the international exchange program based on the Sakura Science Exchange Program.

On July 3, the first day of their visit, they attended an orientation and participated in a tour of the Toyonaka Campus guided by students from the School of Science. After that, they visited Minoh Campus, where a faculty member from the Center for Japanese Language and Culture explained about the environment of Japanese language education at Osaka University.

On July 4, two students from the Graduate School of Science also accompanied the group to visit ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In addition to an introduction to the company, ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. kindly hosted a round-table discussion with Vietnamese employees, where they engaged in spirited discussions about working in Japan.

On July 5, the delegation attended mock lectures (mathematics and physics) and chemical experiments conducted by faculty members of the Graduate School of Science.

On July 6, they visited four research institutes at the Suita Campus (Institute of Laser Engineering, Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Institute for Protein Research, and SANKEN). Three Vietnamese students affiliated with these institutes gave a talk on their research life at Osaka University. The students enthusiastically toured the research institutes and asked many questions.

On the morning of July 7, the final day of the program, the delegation visited Osaka Castle with students from the Graduate School of Science. In the afternoon, they attended a discussion session with students from the School and Graduate School of Science. In the session, four students from the School and Graduate School of Science gave a presentation on their life at Osaka University, and HSGS students also gave an introduction about the HSGS, deepening mutual understanding. HSGS students also gave a traditional dance performance at dinner time. Through the discussion session and dinner, the interaction between the students of the School and Graduate School of Science and the HSGS students was further deepened.

We hope that the Vietnamese students who visited this time will become future international students of Osaka University, international joint research partners, or future leaders of the Sakura Science Exchange Program, and that they will become new bridges of exchange between Japan and Vietnam in the future.

July 3rd

  • Toyonaka Campus Tour
  • Minoh Campus Tour

July 4th
Visit to ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

July 5th
Mock Classes (Mathematics and Physics) and Mock Experiments in Chemistry

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

July 6th
Visit to research institutes on the Suita Campus

  • Institute of Laser Engineering
  • Research Center for Nuclear Physics
  • Institute for Protein Research

July 7th

  • Osaka Castle
  • Discussion session (at International Exchange Salon)
  • Traditional dance performance from HSGS students at dinner time
  • Group Photo at dinner time


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