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Join Top Young Universities in Asia – PolyU + HKUST (6 Nov) PDF. In Email
Thứ năm, 28 Tháng 10 2021 13:25
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HKUST UG Admissions
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Our warmest greetings to you now that the application peak has arrived! 
Now, more than ever, Hong Kong has become a viable option for high school students - especially students in Vietnam.


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Thông tin về trường ĐH Quốc tế Tokyo (Nhật) PDF. In Email
Thứ ba, 26 Tháng 10 2021 16:29

[University of Tsukuba] Announcement of "Imagine the Future" Fair, October 28th - 29th, 2021 PDF. In Email
Thứ tư, 20 Tháng 10 2021 07:14

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Aiming to be an open university in all aspects while continuing our founding philosophy of “Interdisciplinary approach to education and research”, University of Tsukuba is hoping to have prospective students to join us and promote the concept “Imagine the Future” of our university.

We would like to invite students and parents to the biggest virtual event of the year, named “IMAGINE THE FUTURE.” FAIR. This is University of Tsukuba-only fair to introduce undergraduate and graduate programs, and offered in either Japanese or English.

By participating in our fair on Airmeet platform, participants could have the chance to experience the most advanced virtual arena while freely check out live videos, watch mini-lectures and presentations, and make questions to our faculty from Admissions Center, program representatives, overseas offices staffs and current students at the university … in separate booths. At the fair, participants could select the language of their most comfort, in Japanese, English, or Vietnamese.

There are two 2-hour-session each day, which participants could choose and register the session of their most convenient.

Kyushu University IUPE: Special Webinar for HSGS Students (October 29, Friday, 15:00 - 16:00) PDF. In Email
Thứ năm, 14 Tháng 10 2021 14:41

Date and Time: October 29 (Friday) 15:00 - 16:00

Format: Zoom

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Discover Admissions at Ritsumeikan University, Japan PDF. In Email
Thứ năm, 14 Tháng 10 2021 09:17

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Our world of college and university guidance & counselling is changing fast. Following recent findings and learning from each other at virtual conferences, we at Ritsumeikan want to find new ways to help you care for each student.

This Fall, Ritsumeikan University shares with you a 20-minute on-demand video that covers our annual visit cycles when, usually,  we would be visiting your school.

This video will cover main topics at visits such as:

  • Why students should consider Japan as a study destination
  • A brief introduction to Ritsumeikan University
  • The programs they can study at Ritsumeikan. (Study in English-medium, even in Japan!)
  • Admission Overview
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