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Thứ tư, 03 Tháng 11 2021 14:29

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As international travelling resumes and students are back on campus, we thought it would be a great time to reconnect. I would like to present the most up-to-date information about our programs.

Technion’s Undergraduate program for international students:

The prestigious Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, taught entirely in English at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The faculty is internationally recognized for its leadership in research, education, and innovation. Alumni of the program include engineering leaders who hold key positions in high-tech, government, and defense industries in Israel and abroad.

Students are taught by senior academic faculty, scientists, and industry experts, and benefit from a stimulating environment and state-of-the-art laboratories – among the most advanced of their kind.

The program provides students with a strong base knowledge in the engineering sciences, in addition to project-based laboratory and design experiences.

These experiences will develop students’ independence, creativity, and leadership in an era of rapid technological change.

Students are exposed to new developments in the fields of micro-systems, biomechanics, and medical robotics, which pose exciting challenges for mechanical engineers, as well as promote opportunities for driving innovation.

In addition to taking care of academic needs, we also provide our students with personal assistants and guidance.

Students will be provided with fully furnished dorm rooms and will be invited to join organized trips around Israel, as well as participate in exciting social and cultural events.

This year, we thought of creative ways to offer our potential students an opportunity to gain scholarships/discount coupon:

  • Win a full first year tuition scholarship by participating in the unique online Nadav Shoham Robotraffic Competition: Build an autonomous robotic car model that can move according to the traffic rules, obey traffic lights and signs signals, and keep a safe distance from other cars.

The 1st place winners in the Careful Driving category receive a full one-year scholarship to Technion.

  • The early bird application for the academic year 2022/2023 ends on January 11, 2022. Early bird scholarship is $3000 off tuition for the first year.

We also thought of ways to enrich your STEM curriculum with sessions by Technion’s most prestige faculties:

  • Technion’s lesson presentation on today’s most advanced research in Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is one of the leading universities in the world for applied research, science and engineering.

Founded in 1912, Technion is the country’s first university, offering degrees in science and engineering, and related fields such as architecture, medicine, industrial management and education.

Technion is consistently ranked among the world’s top 50, ranked 6th for entrepreneurship and innovation and 1st in Europe for Artificial Intelligence (CS). Technion is ranked in the top 10 universities for educating the world’s leading Tech CEOs.

Technion is home to a prominent faculty, among them three recent Nobel laureates, and a long list of notable alumni including engineers, scientists, physicians, professors and entrepreneurs. The university if one of the few in the world to launch a small satellite developed by students.

Technion graduates represent 70 percent of the high-tech workforce and established Israel’s technology-based enterprises, that has earned the country’s reputation as the world’s “Startup Nation”(with the highest concentration of high-tech companies anywhere outside the Silicon Valley).