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Thứ năm, 07 Tháng 4 2022 20:24
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If you are not as familiar with UCalgary - we have recently been named a top 5  research university in Canada. We are a student-centred institution focused on innovation, discovery, entrepreneurial thinking, and community. The university is situated in the beautiful city of Calgary - the 5th most livable city in the world!

To estimate the costs of our undergraduate programs, our Cost Estimator here: is a great tool to utilize. In terms of financial aid, incoming high school students can apply to various Entrance Awards. There are three categories:
  • Automatic Awards - These awards do not have an application and range from $2,000-$5,000. Automatic Awards are given based on students' calculated admission averages.
  • Prestige Awards - Students can apply to this category of award directly through their student centre, but will be required to answer some short answer essay questions as per the application. Prestige Awards range up to $25,000 per award with a deadline of December 1.
  • High School Awards - This category of awards ranges from $500-$10,000. With one application through their student centre, students will be assessed for numerous high school awards.
For more information about awards, students can visit here: