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The International Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Science and Engineering, BSc (Tech) was launched in 2016 and is currently the only University-level Bachelor’s programme offered in English in the field of technology in Finland. Launching this programme has been an important strategic choice for TUT and we are happy to say that after a successful first admissions process, we now have a motivated group of 20 students from 12 different countries studying for a Bachelor’s degree with us. For this highly talented group of students, we have already been able to offer glimpses into the work of research groups in addition to regular coursework. The students have been warmly received by the University community and are integrating well into the Finnish society.

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We are now getting ready for the next admission process into this programme which, with the choice of major subjects among Mathematics, Physics, and Information and Communications Technology, offers students a strong multi-disciplinary basis in science and engineering. Multicultural study groups, strong introductory and language studies and well-qualified teachers ensure that students will not only learn the theory but also gain employable skills which make students well-prepared for the international world of research and industry.

Upon completion of the 180 credit, three-year programme students earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Technology. As graduates of the programme, students will have a wealth of options for their future direction to choose from! When first admitted, all students in the programme are also granted a study right to one of TUT’s Master’s programmes in English. The subjects and courses studied in the Bachelor’s degree determine which Master’s programmes the student is eligible for.

The International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering is available to all Finnish and international applicants who have completed secondary education in Finland or abroad. It offers students who demonstrate excellent academic performance, a good command of the English language, and motivation for University studies in the field the opportunity to obtain a competitive degree that meets the highest international standards. Studies in the programme are conducted entirely in English, and no prior knowledge of the Finnish language is required. Starting in autumn 2017, scholarships will also be available for the most talented students! Scholarships are available for students subject to tuition fees (students from outside of the EU/EEA). The next application period for the programme will start in January.

Attached you will find an information leaflet on the programme which can easily be printed for notice boards or to be handed out. Further information is available on the programme website at

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