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Thứ hai, 12 Tháng 10 2020 17:24

Consumer Psychology

Prof. Qin Demo Lesson October 21, 11am JST


Join us for an online demonstration lesson from Dr. Qin on the consumer’s perception of price and how firms can take advantage of it. We will introduce the concept of “anchoring effect” from consumer psychology and apply it to a firm’s marketing strategy.

Prospective students, parents, and counselors are welcome to join.

Case Method & Participant Centred Learning

The case method showcases the biggest challenges confronting businesses today and places the student in the role of the decision-maker. Case discussions bring energy to the classroom and students are able to engage in the case rather than watch or read about how it is done by others.

Prof. Qin Profile


Dr. Dan Qin is an Associate Professor at NUCB Business School. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Waseda University.

He joined NUCB Business School in 2020 after working as research associate at Waseda University and associate professor at Tohoku University. His main fields of interest are decision theory and behavioral economics.