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Thứ sáu, 23 Tháng 10 2020 08:59

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As you might be aware University of Adelaide #40 QS World Ranking in Computer Science/ IT Engineering degrees.

University of Adelaide international awards in Australia, 2020 

I am writing to invite your students to participate The Ingenuity Challenge 2020 for future International Student- kicks off 2pm AEST, Tuesday 27 October and lasts for 72 hours.

The Ingenuity Challenge is a virtual combinatorial optimisation competition designed for students interested in testing out their programming and problem-solving skills.
The Ingenuity Challenge is a game of skill, with prizes awarded to the students with the most optimal solutions at the close of the competition at 2pm AEST 30 October 2020.
To register and find out more info- how to participate and prizes, please click the link below

What is Ingenuity?

This year, Ingenuity gives you the chance to participate in free interactive activities from the comfort of your own classroom! These activities will be run online from Thursday 22 October to Wednesday 28 October.
There are 8 activities to choose from spanning engineering, physics, maths, and architecture. Use the links below to register for the activities most relevant to your class.