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Thứ sáu, 04 Tháng 11 2022 09:52

Dear Counsellors,

Warmest greetings from City University of Hong Kong (CityU).

Th Early Round application for 2023/24 Entry for undergraduate programmes at CityU is approaching fast. Given that there’re about two weeks away from the early round application deadline, please invite your student to submit an application by 15th November 2022 to have a greater chance to receive an early offer. 

Secondly, CityU is very proud of our excellent array of International Joint Bachelor’s Degree Programmes that we have with our highly esteemed partner universities, which include: Columbia UniversityESSEC Business SchoolNational Taiwan UniversityLeuphana University of Lüneburgthe University of Edinburgh, and the University of Manchester. Students can earn two degrees from two world-class institutions in four years. To listen about the Joint Bachelors’ Degree Programmes of CityU with the Columbia University, please click here to revisit the programme introduction by Jessica Sarles-Dinsick, Associate Dean for International Programs and Special Projects from Columbia University.

CityU is a truly international university and we welcome students from over 80 countries and regions to our global campus. We recognise international students’ academic and athletic achievements through our scholarships. Our merit-based Entrance Scholarships provides up to USD23,500 per year and our Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarships can provide up to USD20,500 per year.

Here in the Global Engagement Office of CityU, we understand that interested international applicants may have many pressing questions about what it’s like to study in CityU and live in Hong Kong. With this in mind, please let your students know that they are welcome to come and talk to a CityU student today. Or schedule a time slot to talk to a Global Engagement Office staff for a 1-1 personal consultation. Please feel free to send us an email:  Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó.

Warmest regards,

Global Engagement Office,

City University of Hong Kong


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