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Thứ hai, 20 Tháng 2 2023 13:57

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Greetings from Vienna. We are pleased to inform you of this year’s UNESCO Youth Multimedia Competition.

UNESCO Clubs 2023 Worldwide Youth Multimedia Competition (unric.org)

The age for participants:

  • Juniors – ages 10-14; 
  • Youth – ages 15-19; and
  • Young Adult – ages 20-24.

The final deadline to submit is 31 March. The students and teachers projects on helping increase knowledge and understanding about NST solutions for the SDGs are fitting the below steps.

Step A: Pick one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Step B: Develop a project related to the Sustainable Development Goal you choose. This includes writing out…

o   What is your project? and why is it important?

o   What are your project goals/objectives?

o    Where will you do your project? For Example, You can do your project with your school, church, community, or organization.

o   What is your time frame? (when you will start and complete your project?)

Step C: Do your Project. Remember to take videos, pictures and document your results and the impact of your project, and anything you feel is important to share.

Step D: Create a Video, Presentation, or Essay with Images sharing the answers to the above questions in step 2 with the results you achieved and anything else you feel is important to share. Put it all together and send it back to UNESCO.

It would be much appreciated if you could invite the students to feature nuclear solutions in their submissions.


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