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How Swarthmore Will Evaluate Applications in the Context of COVID PDF. In Email
Thứ ba, 13 Tháng 10 2020 09:57

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Dear Loi,

We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. Now that we have begun the fall semester, we wanted to share some information about our application review process, how we will be evaluating students in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we are supporting Swarthmore students this fall. We hope that this will provide context for the work that you are doing to support students through this process.

Application Deadline Change
In order to better serve students, families, and counselors, we have decided to move our Winter Early Decision and Regular Decision deadlines to January 4, 2021. We hope this will allow students more time after the winter holidays to submit their applications. Our Fall Early Decision deadline (November 15) is remaining the same. As always, we will accept supplemental documents, such as school transcripts, after the deadline for admission. 

[HKUST] New Programs for a New Era! PDF. In Email
Thứ ba, 13 Tháng 10 2020 09:38
HKUST UG Admissions
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A Degree That’s Tailor Made For The Fast-changing World

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Thứ hai, 12 Tháng 10 2020 17:24

Consumer Psychology

Prof. Qin Demo Lesson October 21, 11am JST

Join us for an online demonstration lesson from Dr. Qin on the consumer’s perception of price and how firms can take advantage of it. We will introduce the concept of “anchoring effect” from consumer psychology and apply it to a firm’s marketing strategy.

Prospective students, parents, and counselors are welcome to join.

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Thứ hai, 12 Tháng 10 2020 17:05

We support academically outstanding students with more than 20 kinds of scholarships. Scholarships can be combined and 100% of our international students receive some form of scholarship. The minimum scholarship is a brand new MacBook Air, we also have International Baccalaureate (IB) specific scholarships!

[ĐH Tohoku - Nhật Bản] Cuộc thi Nhà lãnh đạo trẻ toàn cầu 2020 PDF. In Email
Thứ sáu, 09 Tháng 10 2020 19:50
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